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Rule One Proteins

1st thing's 1st...who are we?

We lived it before building it. We are Bodybuilders. Guys who’ve lifted a few million lbs and downed a few thousand scoops of protein.

We’re also supplement pros who’ve done this before. Guys who know the difference between the good stuff and the over-hyped wannabes. Our executive and quality team combines over 100 years of development and formulation experience.

Most of all, our diverse Rule 1 team offers an unmatched passion for the sports nutrition industry.

We know the purer and cleaner the input, the better the output. That’s why from day 1, our raw materials and products formulations have always been all about purity and potency, not price. Quality is in the DNA of each and every supplement we make.

Everything – from our 130,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, right down to the last piece of equipment – is designed to deliver THE finest protein products. And unlike other brands in the industry, we perform all critical manufacturing processes and procedures on-site to maintain strict control over every aspect of supplement quality.

From concept to formulation to sourcing raw materials to blending products, it’s all done under 1 roof, 1 way. The right way. The Rule One Proteins Way.

But talk is cheap in this industry. The proof is in the performance. So give us a try.

We’re dedicated to being your “1st Rule in Muscle.
And never forget, better input = better output.

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