Ultra high torque 16,000RPM detachable motor Lithium-Ion rechargeable motor Finished in anodised brushed aluminium
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The Original Vortex Mixer 2.0

Specially designed X-Shape blunt blade to preserve micronutrient integrity

Fully integrated NUTRiPOD Supplement storage unit

100% Leak-proof bottle and sports cap

Athlete tested ergonomic design with 600ml capacity

BPA & DEHP free plastic

Dishwasher safe

The ideal solution for mixing your powders and supplements to enhance your fitness performance. Our prestigious limited edition gold protein shaker adds a sophisticated twist to an already stylish product. The ergonomically designed PROMiXX 2.0 protein shaker is in a class of its own with a specially designed blade that preserves the integrity of the supplement molecules.

You are investing in a no nonsense, lump free, protein mixer, which will ensure you can supplement your training correctly no matter the supplement choice. Those hypertrophy gains are well within your sights! The tailored bottle ensures it is easy to hold when you are shaking with fatigue and can slide it into your car cup holder to keep your fluid and nutrient intake up on the ride home.

Don’t take our word for it, our PROMiXX 2.0 shaker comes with a stream of recommendations from pro athletes who are very happy with its performance. This is a fully endorsed product that has all the functionality needed to match your efforts in the gym! Capable of blending eggs, oats, protein powders, pre and post-workout formulas and mass gainers, you will be entirely impressed by the power of the vortex mixer perfected for this limited edition gold protein shaker.

Powdered nutritional supplements (100g capacity)

Protein powders (including casein)

Mass gainer and carbohydrate formulas

Non-instantised formulas and more

A world of every-day food and beverages

Pancake batter, eggs, baby formula, cocktails, nut butters, yoghurts and oats

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